Herd Sire


Hansen Haven Hot Sugar Daddy N1406883

Sire: Little-Bic’s Honey’s Hot Shot (SS: Sweet-Havest Yakedoodledandy ; SD CH Little-Bic’s Sweet Honey)

Dam: Nubilop-Acres Sweet Tootsie (DS: Regehrs Sassy’s Fortune; DD Nubilop-Acres Sweet Sensation)

Sugar Daddy is looking really good and is a strong buck. The weather was chilly when we took this picture and he was more interested in getting back to the barn with his girls and supper than in getting his picture taken. Hubby had his hands full. But Sugar Daddy has a great temperament and is a super gentle buck.  He is the most laid back buck I’ve seen and easy to work with. He sired the Juni0r Nubian doeling Grand Champion for Nebraska in 2011, Hansen Haven Jade’s Jina. I did not use him in the fall of 2013, as I had a young buck I used on all of my does. However, I will be using him again this fall and I’m hoping to add a few more of his lovely doelings to my herd.

Hansen Haven Jade’s Jina Grand Champion 2011 Nebraska Junior Doe


Linn Farm’s Beau N1640022

(Photo coming)

Sire: Six M Galaxy Noel’s Magi +*B (SS: Six-M-Galaxy Galileo ++*B; SD Six M Galaxy Nova’s Sonia Noel 10*M)

Dam: Magic Dreams Callie’s Cadeau (DS: SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer +*B; DD: Six M Galaxy Fawn’s Callista)

I acquired Beau as a young kid in the spring of 2013. He bred one doeling last December and I have a lovely pair of twin bucklings as the result. I will be using him on Sugar Daddy’s daughters and grand daughters in the fall of 2014. Beau has grown into an impressive yearling this summer. He is tall and stretchy with a lot of dairy character. He has a very nice Nubian head, level topline and nice width. I am excited to be able to get a few more of his offspring on the ground. I’m hoping for doelings next year!

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