Herd Sire


Hansen Haven Hot Sugar Daddy N1406883

Sire: Little-Bic’s Honey’s Hot Shot (SS: Sweet-Havest Yakedoodledandy ; SD CH Little-Bic’s Sweet Honey)

Dam: Nubilop-Acres Sweet Tootsie (DS: Regehrs Sassy’s Fortune; DD Nubilop-Acres Sweet Sensation)

Sugar Daddy was an excellent buck. The weather was chilly when we took this picture and he was more interested in getting back to the barn with his girls and supper than in getting his picture taken. Hubby had his hands full. But Sugar Daddy had a great temperament and  was a gentle giant.  He was the most laid back buck I’ve seen and easy to work with. He sired the Juni0r Nubian doeling Grand Champion for Nebraska in 2011, Hansen Haven Jade’s Jina. I did not use him in the fall of 2013, as I had a young buck I used on all of my does. I am wishing I had used him, as in the late summer of 2014 Sugar crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I really miss this great buck. I have one of his daughter’s, Ronco Farm Sweet Lacey as my Herd Queen now. She is a beautiful Nubian and wonderful milker. Lacey presented us with triplet doelings in April 2017. One of her lovely girls went to Daniel and Michaiah Nilsson in Texas at their Fruitful Acres Farm. I plan to keep the other two here

Hansen Haven Jade’s Jina Grand Champion 2011 Nebraska Junior Doe


Linn Farm’s Beau N1640022

Sire: Six M Galaxy Noel’s Magi +*B (SS: Six-M-Galaxy Galileo ++*B; SD Six M Galaxy Nova’s Sonia Noel 10*M)

Dam: Magic Dreams Callie’s Cadeau (DS: SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer +*B; DD: Six M Galaxy Fawn’s Callista)

I used Beau for one season and sold him before I realized what great kids he sired. His daughter Ronco Farm Windy Ebony has proven to be my best doe so far. This spring (2017) Daniel and Michaih Nilsson purchased him. In the fall of 2017 I obtained Veteran’s Sky’s Lightning Show aka Sky from the Nilsson’s. Sky is bred to Beau for early March kidding. I am hoping for at least another daughter out of him.




Nubilop-Acres Rock In Time (aka Rocky)

Nubilop-Acres Rock In Time (aka Rocky)

Nubilop-Acres Rock in Time N1766809

Rocky is sired by M’s Sagebrush 4B Milo Rock-It and out of M’s Sagebrush Maxim Flirt. He is a handsome brown silver roan with white markings. I really like the way he is maturing and growing. He has lovely dairy character, showing nice width in the rear and chest. He has a nice topline with good spring of ribs.  His first kids born in 2016 were very nice with all of the doelings going to a large goat dairy in Wisconsin. In 2017 he sired more bucklings than doelings. I have a lovely doeling by him out of Ronco Farm Windy Ebony who will freshen in mid April. Ronco Farm Honey Bea is a lovely fawn colored doe with white markings. As she matures I am impressed with her height and strength. He twin brother was sold as a herdsire and hopefully he will pass on the milk ability of his dam.


Linn Farm’s Ivy League Magi

Linn Farm's Ivy League Magi

Linn Farm’s Ivy League Magi

Magi is sired by SG Six M Galaxy Noel’s Magi and out of Six M Galaxy Ivy League. This young buck has a pedigree with strong milk lines. I brought him and Rocky home from Nebraska. He got sick about a month after arriving here and we had a very difficult time getting him well again. He has grown into a large healthy buck.  Magi sired a lot of beautiful doelings for us this year. He sired two sets of triplet doelings this spring. His first daughters will be freshening this coming spring and summer. They are maturing into beautiful does who show a lot of promise.

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