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About Our Farm

Welcome to Ronco Farm website! Our small herd of Nubians make their home on an acreage in the northeast corner of Nebraska—in the middle of farm country. In summer they serve as milk producers, lawn mowers and weed management. During Nebraska nicer fall days, they enjoy gleaning left over crops on the farmland around our buildings until the harsh Nebraska winters confine them to their yard and barn. At that time they are fed the best 3rd or 4th cutting alfalfa hay that I can find for them.

My foundation doe came from the purebred Nubian herd, Bloom-N-Nubians, owned by the late Ruth Ann Repenning. I brought Bloom-N-Nubians T Magic Tinker home in the fall of 2006 as she was finishing up her first lactation. Many of my present herd trace back to her. In 2010, I acquired my first herdsire, Magic Dreams Regal Heritage and a yearling doe in her first lactation, Fiddler’s Ridge Nights Lullaby from Guinivere’s Jasper Farm in Iowa. I owe her a huge thank you for 2 great Nubians to continue building and growing for the future here at Ronco Farm.

We maintain a small herd of 4 to 5 milking does. We use their milk for our own personal use. All of my kids were raised on goat milk. Once they were weaned we began using the milk to raise calves up through weaning. I also enjoy using their milk to make soap and cheese.

Since we live on a rented acreage, we use electric fence around the area the girls are allowed to graze. A nice old grove provides plenty of woody browse and the rest of the area is a virtual salad bar to keep any goat happy and full.

My husband, Ron and I have been married 40 years on Feb. 12, 2012. Ron is a Baptist preacher and truck driver. He is employed driving a a powder cement truck . Besides raising my beautiful Nubians, I am active in our church, keep house and do substitute teaching in the local area schools. Our home, located in farming country next to a meandering stream, is a virtual wildlife preserve! We enjoy watching deer, wild turkey and any number of birds and wildlife roaming about. This year has been a harder year with drought conditions to deal with.

Ron and Connie Lamm

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